I found the website for the University of Rostock to be difficult to navigate and the design to be out of date. There's a lot of information to process at first glance of the site because it's very text heavy, with almost no graphical elements. 

Since the city of Rostock, where the university's located, is on the sea, I chose to incorporate beach colors: tan, light blue, royal blue, with black as a contrast. I utilized these by adding color blocks, making it easier for viewers to quickly organize and process what they're seeing. Moreover, I designed easy-access buttons at the very top of the page, making sure to feature icons so that an international audience could easily find the British flag to translate the page into English. A single, simple navigation bar was something that the current website lacks, so I created a user-friendly navigation bar with a drop down menu feature. 

Adding a banner with photography gives the audience a glimpse of what life's like on campus and also is one of the first things they see. Therefore, I thought it was vital to incorporate this element into the design. Furthermore, I added a text graphic with a short blurb about why the university's a great choice and a call-to-action button to "apply now". 

What many universities in the USA do is add a search bar for prospective students to see if their desired field of study is offered. This is a clever method to draw in prospective students and keep them on the university's website, so I found it most fitting to be a focal point of the homepage. 

Another way to keep visitors on a university's website is to add a current news feed. Featured articles with a headline and preview text capture their attention, causing them to click to read the full article and hopefully others as well. 

On the university's current website, the right bar has a lot of links, most of which should be incorporated into a footer. The current design doesn't have a proper footer, so I created one with quick links, social media links, and contact information.

Below is my solution to the University of Rostock's homepage. The pictures of the university are my own.